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  1. When the Typhoon Signal No. 8 (or above) is hoisted or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force, the faithful, in accordance with the advice given to the general public, are to avoid outdoor activities and to stay indoors for their personal safety.

  2. As traveling from their houses to churches or Mass centers might be hazardous when the above-mentioned signals are hoisted, the faithful are not obliged to attend Sunday Mass under these circumstances. Instead, they are only required to perform some works of piety at home, such as meditating on some Scripture passages (preferably those chosen for the Sunday liturgy) or saying the Rosary.

  3. Under the circumstances mentioned in No. 1 above, churches and Mass centers are to be closed, and regularly scheduled Masses are to be cancelled. This applies to Sunday or weekdays.

  4. The faithful who go against the advice given in Nos. 1-2 above do so at their own risk. The diocesan authorities and the priests concerned shall not be responsible for any accidents or injuries which might occur.

  5. If Typhoon Signal No. 8 (or above) or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered two hours or more ahead of scheduled Sunday or weekday Masses, churches and Mass centers are to provide the usual Eucharistic services. However, priests are not required to arrange for special/unscheduled Masses when these signals are lowered.